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Who we are?

Zoth is a on-chain marketplace which brings fixed income opportunities, offering high yield from RWAs.

Our platform enables businesses in emerging markets to access vital capital for their growth and expansion needs.

The Zoth ecosystem acts as a bridge between lenders and businesses looking for new age capital.

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Index Pools

Zoth provides mutualized Real World Collateral through tokenization.


Risk Mitigation

Zoth adapts robust six-layered risk mitigation strategies across the credit lifecycle.


Liquid Staking Pool

Zoth liquid staking pool offers early exits to lenders and boosted yield to LPs.


Stake $ZOTH

ZOTH token plays a key role in governance, liquidity rewards and staking.

Our Offerings

Bringing real world assets on-chain, providing a robust, highly liquid and coherent product line of yield generating opportunities.

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Invoice Factoring

10 - 14% APY

1 - 6 months

Invoice factoring is a short-term financing chosen by businesses to tap into their unpaid invoices to meet their working capital requirements. Businesses avail financing towards unpaid invoices for the goods already delivered at a predetermined cost.


Asset Leasing

16 - 20% APY

12 - 36 months

Leasing is a contractual arrangement calling for the lessee to pay the lessor regular payments in exchange for the use of an asset over an agreed period. Furniture, vehicles, and equipment are among the most common leased assets.

Coming soon


Inventory Financing

10 - 12% APY

3 - 12 months

Inventory Financing is a short-term loan used to finance the inventory of the company where the purchased inventory acts as collateral for the availed loan, solving capital constrain problems for SMBs.

Coming soon


Tokenized bonds and T-Bills

Exp. 5 - 7% APY

This tokenized fund invests in bonds and treasuries from emerging markets. This makes these markets more accessible to investors.


On-Chain Transparency


Tradable Tokens


EVM Compatible


Utility - Lending


Authorised 3rd party Custodians


Multiple Assets Mutualized

The Ripple Effect

How Our Actions Impact the World Around Us

Zoth's bold mission to make finance fairer through DeFi, is set to bring about a seismic shift in emerging markets. With its unwavering commitment to expanding financial inclusivity, Zoth is empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs in these markets to access the funding they need to flourish.

providing access

Providing access to affordable capital

providing access

Fueling growth and development

providing access

Encouraging entrepreneurship

providing access

Driving innovation

providing access

Incentivizing green energy adoption


Invest with Confidence

Zoth's robust risk framework deploys multi level risk mitigation strategies with an investor first approach


Reliable Auditing

Our smart contracts and platform are thoroughly audited


Robust Assessment

360 credit check to minimize defaults


Future Proof

Assets insured by top insurance providers with first loss guarantee


Lowest Defaults

Less than 1% historic defaults in our target asset classes

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"I'm thrilled with Zoth! With just a few clicks, I effortlessly unlock access to secure double-digit yields for my USDC. In my perspective, Zoth takes a leading role in the DeFi revolution, elevating safety and reliability to new heights in this ever-evolving financial landscape."


Matthew Elston

Liquidity Provider

"With Zoth, access to emerging market yield was seamless through their decentralised application. Getting double digit APRs on my USDC stablecoin through Zoth's insured private credit invoice factoring pool. Looking forward to more such opportunities .”



Liquidity Provider

“Finding stable yield is tough. High fees and restrictions hinder returns. Zoth offers low fees, no minimum investment, and access to emerging market opportunities. Recommended for hedge fund managers.”



Hedge fund manager

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The Zoth ecosystem acts as a bridge between asset owners (deal originators), and individual lenders.


Zoth “Making Finance Fairer”

Begin your investment journey with us and unlock the potential to earn Secure and Sustainable Yield


Zoth ecosystem bridges the gap between Lenders and Borrowers looking for new-age capital.


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